To meet the growing demands of our clients in the field of schedules creation and working time reporting we have developed Geocon PlanExpert, which is the corporate version of Geocon PlanProffessional.
Geocon PlanExpert means modern and flexible time planning, easy to use user interface, fully user-oriented solution with high standards and competitiveness.
Geocon PlanExpert is built as an informational system, which assists employees in daily operations with the preparation of schedules and reporting of working time.
Geocon PlanExpert supports the work of every staff member on every level in the whole organization (leadership, planners, staff), although only some staff members work with it. Each employee who is operating with the system has access to certain functions and data.
Geocon PlanExpert is developed on a modular principle, which leads to easier integration of new components and modification of these which are already developed.
In Geocon PlanExpert are integrated tools for controlling the access to the system and data protection from unauthorized access. Also the system offers tools for tracking changes in the database.
In Geocon PlanExpert are included technological means for integration with other informational systems, XML-based standard, and other specific protocols.
Geocon PlanExpert operates on standard PC-compatible PCs connected to LAN or Internet.
Geocon PlanExpert is designed and implemented as a system that can serve medium and large size organizations. It allows the usage of many workstations located in wide areas throughout the country.
To ensure optimal productivity and performance Geocon PlanExpert is implemented by three layer client-server application. Consisting of clients, application server (possibly using more than one server) and management system database.
This architecture has the following main advantages:
• Allows load sharing through physical distribution of layers.
• Allows the use of various technologies.
• Thin layers are independent and therefore easy to maintain and develop.
• Easy tracking of transactions and related issues.
• Optimized traffic.
• High productivity – all the business logic is located in the management of the database that prevents downloading and processing of large amounts of data over the network.
Communication between client and server application is based on TCP sockets. They represent a reliable return channel for data transport between the two parts of the application. Applications that communicate over a socket you can be run on the same computer or on different computers connected among themselves via the Internet or other TCP / IP network.
All this allow simultaneous operation of multiple users with the same database, without affecting working speed and performance of the application.

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