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When a new schedule is generated all relevant data is automatically included: names of employees, their balances and all values related to the schedule as working hours, holidays, wishes, etc.
Schedules are created under consideration of the following criteria:

  • Defined personnel requirement
  • Employee qualifications
  • Employees’ requests and whishes
  • Holiday plans
  • Monthly working totals
  • Pre-planning (example: Shifts during holidays)
  • Legal conditions and frameworks of the employment contract

In the scheduling process if users plan shift, leave or other absence in the schedule: requirement for staff (describing the number of employees per day) immediately below the graph and the balances of the employees located on the right summary columns, change dynamically.

Schedule levels

Geocon PlanExpert maintains 3 levels of planning:
• Draft/target level;
• Historical schedule;
• Real schedule.
Before the beginning of the month the target/draft schedule is created based on the wishes of employees. Then the schedule is coordinated with HR manager and if necessary corrections are applied. After adjustments and approval, the month schedule goes into its last level – Real. It Real schedule is demonstrated the practical work that really done by the staff. On the basis of which the system offers different statistics, which are discussed below. Any changes in the real schedule will reflect on historical schedule.


The duration of shifts and their periods of active work may be adjusted manually.


Part-time work in various structural units

Personnel have the opportunity to work for the same period in the various structural units. For this purpose: the monthly rate of employee shall be apportioned among the structural units in a certain percentage. Employee will receive salary based on his work in the selected structural units.

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