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Features Geocon PlanProfessional Geocon PlanExpert
 More levels of planning  V  V
 Flexible allocation of staff  V  V
 Sharing staff between different departments X  V
 Pre-planning of shifts and wishes of staff. Substitution.  V  V
 Automaticall schedule creation  V X
 Management of working time of employees  V  V
 Connectivity with other systems:
– System for access control and
reporting of working hours.
– Export to payroll programs
 V  V
 Human Resources Management  V  V
 Administration of users  V  V
 Recommended number of employees between 30-500 employees from 200 employees and more
 Characters for abbreviations Up to 2 Up to 3
 Statistics summarizing various departments X  V
 Requirements for employment of staff at
all levels of schedules
 V  V
 Structural units up to 3 levels up to 5 levels
 Cost centers  V  V
 Duty schedule  V  V
 Work in local network  V  V
 Work mode type Terminal Server  V  V
 Automatic management and  of database maintenance  V X
 Database  Visual FoxPro SQL
– MS SQL 2005+
 Price (depends on staff count) from 550.00 lv. from 5100.00 lv.
 Detailed information PlanProfessional PlanExpert



» Enables load sharing through the physical distribution of layers. Clients are installed on local PC of consumers, while server and application management system database are installed on the server configurations that are designed to contain, manage and process data. Technology makes servers:

  • more reliable than desktop systems, helping to organize the data faster and more efficiently.
  • they can be extended to maintain backup systems and security.
  • reduced congestion in the access to data in order to allow the information to run faster and free.
  • designed to be easily scalable when your needs grow.

» Allows the use of different technologies. Since tier architecture is used, the application layers are made with different tools, which allows greater flexibility in their installation on different platforms. Customers install on the OS – Windows, while the application server can be installed on Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris and others. (Database system management if Oracle can also be installed).
» Thin layers are independent and therefore easy to maintain and develop.
» Easy tracking of transactions and related issues. Application automatically creates log files of all transactions between client and server application. If necessary, you can easily track each user action.

» Optimization of traffic. Created log files contain the execution time of each transaction and the amount of data transferred over the network for it. In this way we can track which transactions are carried out at slow or they transfer large amounts of data, which also leads to delay.

» High performance – all business logic is located in the management of the database that prevents downloading and processing of large amounts of data over the network.

Functional advantages:

» Integrity of data in the database. All settings, nomenclatures, reports and statistics are available for all structural units without their re-entry for each of them.

» Performance of the application is not affected by the number of users working simultaneously.

» More flexibility to set individual settings of individual structural units. The application allows many of the settings and nomenclatures to inherit, and only that part which is different for the unit to be defined separately.

» Working in more than one unit per day.


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