Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

»1.An employees weekly hours worked changes as of day X. Where can the validity date be modified beforehand?
In the employee root data, in the registry – hours worked.

  • Select the menu – root directory –> employee.
  • Highlight the respective employee in the registry – list and change to the registry – hours worked.
  • Modify the field – hours worked respectively.
  • Click on the button – re-calculate schedules.
  • Enter the modified date and the requested modification options.
  • Click on the button – calculate.

This function can also be used retrospectively.

»2.During the expansion of my personnel base only 2 more employees could be added after that the button – new was blocked (inverted), why?

  • The maximum amount of employees according to the licence agreement has been reached.
    Either archive some employees or purchase a licence addition.

»3.How can archived employees be reactivated?

  • Select the menu – root directory –> employee archive.
  • Highlight – list of employees to be archived – and change into the register root sheet.
  • Erase the entered date in the field – date of leave.
  • Close the window.

The employee is transfered into the active list and is now ready for planning.

»4. How can the jobbing work force be included in the schedule?

  • By entering 0 for the hours worked in the employee root directory, in the registry – hours worked. The served hours are then entered in the actual-plan and at the end of the planning period the difference of hours between target and actual is then balanced via the time account.

»5.How do I calculate shifts which will end in a new planning time frame? (Example: Planning time frame = month, Shift = night shift from the 31st of the planning month to the 1st of the following month.)

  • The calculation of the actual work time is based on the planning month, i.e. full calculation of work time on the last day of the month. The calculation of bonuses however is split between the 31st and the 1st calender day.

»6. I would like to modify a schedule but I can’t enter changes. Why?

Possible sources of error:

  • You do not have the proper authorisation to conduct these functions. Contact your system administrator for your personal access profile.
  • You are within an already blocked schedule. Check the planning time frame.
  • (see also: chapter 4 – user criteria, paragraph 4.5 – general)
  • You are within the wrong, already confirmed planning stage.
  • Planning stages which have not yet been confirmed are marked in RED.

»7.I’ve initiated the automatic completion of my schedule. Some employees don’t have entered shifts.
Possible sources of error:

  • A frame plan has been fixed for these employees in which no shifts have been defined (defined weeks, no shifts)
  • The personnel request was issued on qualification level and the qualifications of some employees were not respected.

»8.If employee X is off every second weekend where can that be entered?

It can be entered by the definition of frame plans (planning cycles).

  • Choose the menu – root data –> employees.
  • Within the registry – list highlight the respective employee and change into the registry – frame plan.
  • Define a 14-day weekend-off within a frame plan.
  • Save this frame plan via the button – save as … and give it a title.

»9.The structural units of our installation do not correspond with the given units; station and group. Where can these given units be changed?

  • Choose the menu – system –> options, registry – general.
  • Enter new titles for structure units 1 and 2.
  • Close the window.

All buttons and issuing fields based on these structure units now have the chosen titles.

»10.What does the message “Internal error” mean?

  • This is an error message issued by the programming tool of the database. If this case arrises respond to the error message with several – YES. Usually you will return to the program. However should this result in an endless loop abort the procedure via the respective button. GeoCon PlanExpert then needs to be restarted. Errors appearing within GeoCon PlanExpert are registered in a protocol.
    The error protocol can be printed via the menu – system –> administration.

»11.What is the procedure for employees which are moved to a different area on short term within the planning time frame?

  • These employees need to be added to the new area(s), these employees are therefore listed in the schedule of various areas. The shift times from the other schedule are shown in a different colour in the schedule window. Double-staffing is eliminated by the system. As the time and bonus calculations are employee-based they are unaffected by the structural changes, as long as they occur within a department.

»12.Where are the hours of the previous planning stored after the planning has been initiated with GeoCon PlanExpert?
In the time account of every employee it is registered as the start amount in the register-time-account.

  • In the first shift scheduling select the respective employee (click the left mouse button) The window – time account will open.
  • Change into the register-time-account.
  • Enter the respective amount into the – Start amount – field.

»13.Where are the second shift time and the break entered during parted shifts?

  • Choose the menu – root directory –> shifts.
  • Define a new shift or choose an existing shift.
  • Change into the registry – second shift time and enter the respective data.
  • Close the window.

»14.Where can I find information as to which version of GeoCon PlanExpert is installed on my system?

  • Select the menu “Help –> Info”.
    The version number as well as information regarding the licence are stored here.

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