Main functionalities

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Main functionalities

Structure of the organization

Geocon PlanExpert allows hierarchical representation of the structure of the organization with all its levels and sublevels. There are two main types of structural units:

  • Units of settings – these units are used only for defining custom settings that can be inherited by their sublevels
  • Units for planning – these units are used to create work schedules.
    Through this type of structure for the various units users can set different settings. Units located at – low level can inherit settings, or can have their own.



Geocon PlanExpert supports all national holidays of Bulgaria, which automatically apply to all structural units.


Legal requirements

Geocon PlanExpert is fully consistent with the Bulgarian labor legislation. In the PlanExpert are included special legal requirements for:

  • pregnant
  • minors;
  • maximum number of hours for a day shift;
  • maximum hours for night shift;
  • maximum weekly hours worked;
  • other.

If there is violation in any rule the system will alert.


Calculation of holidays

The program supports calculation of multiple, different accounts. One of them is calculation of Holidays. If the previous year an employee has remained unregarded annual leave, it can be transferred for current year. The account is changing dynamically: if a user fills in holydays/leave in schedules, the total days of holidays will change. The system offers numerous detailed reports for holidays/leave. Users can trace all dynamic movements of holidays/leave for each employee. Geocon PlanExpert supports different methods for calculation of holidays.

Personal login

In addition, PlanExpert also has module “Personal login”. By it users/employees can see and modify information related to them. Employees can:

  • Individually check their personal schedules
  • Insert whishes
  • Schedule holydays
  • Create their schedules
  •  ….

This module is implemented in two environments:

  • Graphics – can be used within the organization, as previously required to be installed;
  • WEB – can be used outside the organization (from home on the road if users have a device that is tied to the Internet and Internet access).

The administrator of the application allows staff to access this module and implements rights to use it. Each employee has a password in order to log in. A personal password is assigned by the user on initial entry into the module, but may be set in advance or changed by the administrator.



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