Geocon Professional is standard software product developed in cooperation with various users for semi-automatic creation and fully automatic calculation of shift schedules in social and health care institutions. Regardless of the extensive complexity, the program stays easily usable due to self explanatory guidance elements and guarantees high efficiency. Flexible work time models, direct link to the payroll systems and time recording systems are just small part of Geocon Professional.
Geocon PlanProfessional offers plenty of settings with which users can build up virtual structure similar to the institution they work for and define all specific accounting elements they need.
Geocon PlanProfessional guarantees noticable work relief. Main criteria is the practical settling of the planning and calculation processes. Every station nurse or every social housing coordinator will find familiar processes and images from the manual planing on the screen in front of them.
A specific trait is the high level of flexibility. The program can be utilised for any institution – tariff, size and type are irrelevant. A simple “tariff setting” – such as according to AVR or BAT, for example – is insufficient for the practical installation, various company policies, regional conditions, etc. can have an influence. This supplies a high level of parametrics especially in regards to actual time calculations, work time models, holiday regulations, etc.

Geocon PlanProfessional is an open system which is compatible with every software (administration software, payroll systems and time recording systems). The functional areas and abilities of this program will be presented to you on the following pages. We look forward to a buzzing dialog and/or your requests, questions and improvement suggestions.


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