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Schedules are created under consideration of the following criteria:

  • Defined personnel requirement
  • Employee qualifications
  • Individual definitions of employees
  • Holiday plans
  • Hour transfers from previous planning
  • Pre-planning (example: Shifts during holidays)
  • Personal requests and necessary individual measures
  • Legal conditions


Holiday Planning

The holiday plan is usually created and modified first as constant part of the schedule. The holiday journal can be accessed within the employee core sheet by entering holiday requests in advance and displaying and administrating holiday entitlement, remaining holiday etc.


Target Scheduling

When a new schedule is generated all relevant data is automatically included, for example:

  • Employee target hours
  • incl. Transfers from previous month
  • Target staffing due to qualification and amount
  • Planned holidays
  • Long term planned absences (example: training)
  • Requested shifts
  • The additional entry of shifts can be done in different ways:
  • Manually by clicking the shift initials
  • By transfering the frame plan (if present) into the target schedule
  • By automatic shift occupation – the shifts are then distributed by the program (not suitable for every installation)
  • A combination of these three possibilities


Employee requirement

For the analysis of the schedule following tools, functions or displays are accessable:

  • Over or under Step of total amount of employees (constant)
  • Over or under Step of amount of qualified employees (constant)
  • Total of hours for every employee (constant)
  • Over or under Step of the pre-defined monthly limit (constant)
  • Daily chart of shifts according to time, total, or employees with specific qualifications
  • Analysis of the observance of legal and collective labour regulations Constant analysis of the care hours according to care needs .


Actual Plan

Changes within the running month are entered in the actual section of the confirmed schedule. The weekly planer can be used to display the time rather than the initials.


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