What will we help you?

Our experts will help you in installation, implementation, training and software maintenance. Seamless integration with the tools you use every day to manage your company’s HR, Payroll, Control System Time and more.


Software installation

Software installation is done by specialist. The procedure itself can be done at the client’s office or remotely. The replacement of computer equipment or OS reinstallation requires reinstallation, which can be done by system administrators of the customer or by our employees.


Teaching is conducted by competent and experienced teachers in our office or at the client. It includes lessons of how to work with the product and its capabilities. Special attention is paid to the practical work with the program.

Deployment Schedule and creation of individual user settings

The service consists of study, systematization and description of the actual structure of the organization, a complete list of shifts and absences. Setting and modeling of all kinds of prints, reports, statistics and individual user settings, which are needed by the client.

Software Maintenance and Support

We offer integrated software services throughout the country for all customers, who have contract with us. Customer Support is done remotely (by phone or Internet) or in a place.  As a beginning we will study the situation, after locating the issue,  if there is a problem, customers receive prompt and effective assistance of specialists of our company.

Consultation by phone

We are available to all current and potential customers to resolve any issues and questions about our program, as we have in mind current labor laws, general principles, regulations and good practices in developing schedules.

New versions and product update

Our customers receive a free update of the software product, if they have a contract for software support. Subscription service ensures that the client will receive all updates immediately if there are changes in labor laws, newly created features and improvements.

Provision of informational materials

“GeoCon Bulgaria” Ltd. offers on the Bulgarian market software products, which are used for schedules creation and reporting of staff working time. Starting point to the development and improvement of our software are our customers. So if there is an interest by a client in our product, we will send informational brochures and materials. They offer a short presentation of the program, and photographs of views of the schedule, various reports and statements.

Product Presentation

If clients are interested in our products and need deeper and more detailed information about them, we offer product’s presentation. Presentation may be held by qualified employee of GeoCon Bulgaria, both in our office and at client’s place.

Sending a demo version

We provide installation disc with demo version of the program, if desired by the customer. If you have any difficulty with installation, you will receive qualified advice to tackle the problem over the phone.

Functionalities according to request of the client

We develop additional features, modules and reports based on technical specification of the client.

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