Why should you let your employees selfplan their time schedules?

Защо да оставите служителите си сами да планират графика си време вместо вас?

Why should you let your employees selfplan their time schedules?

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Involving your employees in the scheduling process is key to improving their performance and retention.

High pay and a bonus scheme are not always a good incentive for your employees and would not prevent them from leaving.
Increasingly important to them are the powers you give them:

  • independence in the planning of activities and tasks
  • self-initiative in assigning roles to each other
  • autonomy in project management
  • setting high goals
  • independent planning of working hours.

What are the reasons why you should let your employees to selfplan their schedules?

1. Saves you planning time for planning
One of the powers of your employees is to plan their working hours themselves. This will, in the first place, make them more responsible and disciplined in the work process. Secondly, engaging them in the process will save time for planners as well as for you, which you can invest in other key tasks.

2. Self-service of employees
The modern technologies offer the opportunity to work with Employee self-service systems, allowing staff to self-change, absenteeism, make online requests for leave and other desires that optimize workflow.
Годишен план на отпуски
Pic 1. Annual leave plan in web client на GeoCon PlanExpert

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This way, each employee will work on a schedule that allows him / her to combine work with personal commitments. This, on the one hand, will increase their motivation to work, and on the other hand, will guarantee coverage of shifts.

3. Minimize labor costs
A pre-planned employee engagement schedule will provide you with less absenteeism, a continuous production process and less overtime. With the help of our specialized scheduling software and a self-service system, you can control labor costs by monitoring overtime and making changes to your schedule with your employees.

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